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With an aging population balancing part-time work and retirement, plus a sizeable millennial and generation Z population entering the workforce, it can be competitive to find qualified candidates for your job openings. Companies need an automated hiring software that can post job openings to various sources and easily attract applicants on job search sites. To stay competitive today, companies must offer a candidate experience that is both professional and efficient, along with being faster, to be able to capture the best talent. Recruiterbox is considered one of the top hiring software and applicant tracking systems on the market today. Power your recruitment process with a solution that works. Sign up for your free live demo by clicking the button below.

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Review Your Hiring Process

With hundreds of hiring software and applicant tracking systems (ATS) solutions on the market, researching your options can be overwhelming. It’s important to take a step back and look at your current recruitment process to consider what hr software and talent management tools are needed to streamline your hiring process. What human resource team members are involved? Consider the director, recruiters, hiring managers, talent acquisition members, and HR team members and what procedures need to take place to have successful recruitment.

Shifting Market

The hiring market has shifted here in the United States, with unemployment at an all-time low, there are more job openings to choose from; therefore, the search for qualified applicants is very competitive among employers. Job seekers, using smartphones to search social media or search engines for job openings, want quicker results. Companies with an automated hiring software or applicant tracking system (ATS) can greatly benefit from being on top of the competition.

Quick Results

Today’s job seekers are on the go, searching for jobs on the way to somewhere else. They want quick results and a simple application process in their job searches. With Recruiterbox, you can easily customize your application form and questionnaire form, eliminating complex and generic forms that take too long to fill out.

Career Site Management

Thousands of new jobs are coming on the market every day, and it’s crucial that your job postings reach the best candidates through search engines, social media sites (like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, etc), websites, job boards, careers-pages, and more. Recruiterbox has a Career Site Management features that ensure that posting a job can reach 5 popular search engine syndications like Indeed, SimplyHired, Glassdoor, ApplyIQ, and Recruit.net, plus social media sites. Close to 80% of job seekers today use social media to search for new jobs.

Designed with you in Mind

With over 2000 customers, Recruiterbox has designed a web-based applicant tracking system that can be customized to suit all your recruitment process needs. From job postings to various sources, the application process, resume management, interviews, and hiring, Recruiterbox is a simple and easy-to-use ATS solution. Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, this hiring software can be tailored to streamline your entire recruiting process.

Other reasons to love Recruiterbox:

  • Resume Management –  resume parsing automatically creates candidate profiles; download resumes from different sources; and auto-sorts for best candidates
  • Applicant Tracking – each team member knows where each applicant is in the hiring process
  • Careers Site Management – post jobs once to various sources and update all at once to sources like your website, search engines, careers-pages, and social media
  • Collaborative Recruiting – create and delegate tasks; share notes and evaluations
  • Recruitment Automation – alerts for interviews, create email templates for automated candidate notifications
  • Sourcing Candidates – free search engine syndication and postings to social media sites
  • Interview Scheduling – save time in the interview process with shared calendars, shared notes, and evaluations
  • Reports – EEOC, source and applicant tracking statistics, and customized reports
  • Classified Hiring Information
  • Recruiterbox has one, affordable annual price. There are no surprises and no hidden costs. No installation or set-up fees.

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