Managing Your Hiring Pipeline


Managing your hiring activities should be the number one job of any Applicant Tracking System (ATS). As a recruiter, once you find good candidates to apply for your jobs, you’ll need to ensure the right ones get hired. Your ATS should help you achieve this in the following ways:

Streamline Candidates Across Different Sources

As you start to scale your hiring, you are going to attract candidates from a variety of sources. You will receive candidates from many of the following sources:

  • Job Boards
  • Your Careers Site
  • Recruiting Agencies
  • Employee Referrals

Your ATS should help you manage candidates from different channels and identify the ones that are working best.


  • Use autoresponders to notify candidates of their application status
    Candidates get frustrated when they don’t hear anything about their application.
  • Tag applications received by source so you can analyze the best ways of finding candidates
    Your ATS should be able to provide this report automatically.
How Recruiterbox helps streamline candidates

Creating a Structured Interview Process

Different roles call for different interviewing techniques. Your interview process should help you identify the best person for the job, without burdening your candidates with too many interviews and tests. Not only that, your interview process should help you identify candidates that posses the skills - both technical and soft - required to perform their job.

It is best to visualize your interview process as a sequence of stages.

Many ATSs do not let you set up your established interview stages.

Each stage in your interview process should have a clear owner. This team member is responsible for reviewing every candidate at this stage and deciding if they should move forward.

  • Keep the process as short as possible
    A lengthy interview process deteriorates the candidate experience.
  • Your ATS should help clearly identify the bottleneck in your process
    Reviewing the average duration a candidate spends in each stage is a good way to start addressing the hold up.
  • Your ATS should alert and notify you when candidates have been stuck in a stage for a certain amount of time
    Staying informed reduces the chances of candidate frustration and keeps the process running smoothly.
  • Candidates should receive notifications as they move through different stages of the interview process
    Remember, communication is key to retaining their interest.
Creating a Structured Interview Process with Recruiterbox

Have a Consistent Evaluation Mechanism

Every candidate should go through a fair, consistent evaluation that focuses on identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Again, your ATS should help you achieve this. It should help you set up evaluation templates that enable your interviewers to provide consistent feedback.

  • Ensure feedback from all interviews is captured in your ATS, so you can review your team member’s thoughts when making the final decision.
  • Your interviewers should automatically receive alerts asking them to provide feedback on candidates, so you don’t have to worry about sending reminder emails.
  • Interviews need to have a purpose. Make sure each interview focuses on different aspects of the role requirements.
  • Often times, interviewers forget to provide feedback on time. Your ATS should handle the tedious job of following up on interview notes.
Consistent Evaluation with Recruiterbox

Collaborate with Your Team to Make Great Hires

Hiring is generally a team activity. It is important your ATS helps different team members collaborate to find the right talent.

A solid hiring process typically involves the following roles:

  • Hiring Managers
    They lead the team hiring for the new role. Your ATS should help hiring managers screen candidates, and most importantly, should provide the overall status of the pipeline in fulfilling their requirement.
  • Interviewers
    They need to see all the information required to conduct a productive interview and should be able to easily record their feedback on the candidate .
  • Recruiting Team Members
    You should be able to assign tasks and request feedback from everyone who participates in interviews. An ATS should also help you assign interview stages to the right owners.

All communication with candidates should be captured in your ATS and it should help you and your team provide a great candidate experience.

Collaborative Hiring through Recruiterbox

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