Recruiterbox vs Workable

Businesses require different types of applicant tracking systems (ATS), and to compare Recruiterbox vs Workable, you would need an extensive analysis of the various features.  In a recent 2018 study, finances online reviewed Recruiterbox and Workable for their overall efficiency (8.8 vs 8.5 respectively) and user satisfaction score (100% vs 95%). In order to find the best fit for their company, human resource (HR) managers would need to evaluate ATS software features and sign up for a free trial to determine which software best fits their HR recruitment needs.

Recruiterbox is one of the top web-based applicant tracking systems on the market today, serving over 2000 trusted customers. More importantly, they received a rating of 100% in customer satisfaction. You can read more about why customers choose Recruiterbox in our Customer Stories. Recruiterbox has a reputation for being one of the top ATS solutions that allows you to easily customize your recruitment process. Small to medium-sized businesses benefit from the easy-to-use features, affordable price, and exceptional customer service.

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Recruiterbox vs Workable

Recruiterbox, with over 2000 trusted customers, offers industry-leading features and a scalable platform, as well as the ability to uniquely customize your HR recruitment process.  Recruiterbox is an outstanding applicant tracking system (ATS) solution for start-ups, small business, and medium-sized businesses, credited with having exceptional customer support.

The founder of Recruiterbox took the time to talk to hiring managers to find out what was needed in ATS software. Most hiring managers said they didn’t like to use recruiting software because it was too expensive and too overwhelming and complex to learn. Recruiterbox started with the goal to resolve these problems by creating an easy-to-use, customized ATS software that is affordable for small to medium-sized businesses.

Recruiterbox is an online recruitment software as well as an applicant tracking system, and we can help you get your job openings in front of the right people. After posting a job in Recruiterbox, you’ll be able to send your job post to social media sites like LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, and Facebook, plus several job search engine sites like Indeed, SimplyHired, Glassdoor, and more. With over 80% of today’s job seekers searching for their next job online or on social media sites, it is critical that companies have access to the best job applicants.

Bridging the gap between potential candidates and hiring managers, Recruiterbox helps recruiters gather resumes from multi-sources to a single platform. This online recruiting software makes the recruitment process simple and easy.

With Recruiterbox, you have a complete platform that customizes your entire hiring process and includes:

  • Powerful integration with specialized recruitment sites like LinkedIn, making the process of finding the best candidate easier
  • Collaborative recruitment that makes sharing notes, evaluations, feedback and scheduling interviews much easier
  • Resume management that accepts multiple resume formats, imports from emails, sorts by keywords/phrases, and prevents applicant duplicates
  • Customizable the recruitment procedures to fit your company’s requirements
  • Job posting to various sources such as social media, job search engines, job boards, and your company’s careers-page
  • Transparent pricing is affordable for most small to medium-sized businesses
  • No hidden costs, no installation fees, and no surprises

Check out Recruiterbox’s free live demo. You’ll be glad you did.

Why Recruiterbox?

Even though one-size does not fit all, Recruiterbox can easily be customized to fit your unique HR recruitment needs. 

Today, with mobile apps, over 80% of today’s job seekers search for jobs through social media sites or other online job search engines. When posting a job opening in Recruiterbox, you have immediate access, with just one click, to your favorite social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Job postings can also be immediately distributed to job search engine sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, ApplyIQ,, and SimplyHired, plus multiple job boards, websites, and careers-page. With this kind of recruitment exposure, you can’t help but attract the best talent.

You also have access to easy-to-use resume management with parsing, automated candidate profiles, applicant tracking, and interview scheduling with shared calendars that saves hours of back-and-forth emails. When you add candidate sourcing, recruitment automation, collaborative recruitment, reports, and hiring information, you have everything you need for your recruitment process.

The best question when considering Recruiterbox vs Workable is “what is the best fit for my company’s unique recruiting process?” Read customer stories and reviews, and see what customers are saying. Try our free live demo and see for yourself how easy it is to use!

Other features include:

  • Job posting to various sources such as social media, LinkedIn, website, job search engines, multiple job boards, and career-pages
  • Resume management accepts multiple resume formats, imports from emails, and sorts by keywords/phrases; prevents applicant duplication
  • Collaborative recruitment with shared notes, evaluations, tasks, and interview scheduling – team members working together with shared knowledge
  • Great 100% customer satisfaction with over 2000 trusted customers
  • Customize the hiring process with an applicant tracking workflow
  • Plans are affordable and fit most small to medium-sized business budgets
  • Monthly fees, no hidden costs, no extra charges, and no surprises

Recruitment software is a must today. Be sure and try a free demo and see why companies love Recruiterbox

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