Features that simplify your recruitment

From parsing resumes for contact information, tracking applicants, to interview scheduling - Recruiterbox has numerous features to make your recruitment process fast and easy through the use of our online recruiting software.

Resume Management

  1. Upload Resumes in Bulk

    Upload Resumes in Bulk

    You can upload all your resumes in one shot from your computer to our resume management system. If you’ve ever painstakingly moved one resume after another to a single location, you know how much value there is in being able to move resumes in bulk.

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  2. Parse Contact Information from Resumes

    Parse Contact Information from Resumes

    Managing contact information from resumes can become cumbersome and time consuming. Luckily, with the Recruiterbox resume management software, contact information from the resume is automatically parsed in the candidate profile.

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  3. Powerful Search within Candidate Profile

    Powerful Search within Candidate Profile

    Our recruitment software allows you to search by any word within the text of the resume or any notes made on the candidate profile. If you want to quickly reference which school the candidate went to for undergraduate studies, our recruiting software can help you out immediately.

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  4. Detect Duplicate Candidates Automatically

    Detect Duplicate Candidates Automatically

    The applicant tracking software has a built-in intelligent algorithm that identifies duplicates of every candidate using the email address that they apply from. It then flags both entries with a red mark next to the candidate name.

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  5. Accept Resumes in All Formats

    Accept Resumes in All Formats

    Our recruitment software accepts resume attachments in all possible formats such as doc, docx, text, rtf, odt, html, pdf. Instead of having to convert all documents to either Word or a PDF, our resume management software accepts all formats, which saves recruiters and employers great deals of time, allowing them to spend more time actually evaluating the prospects.

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Applicant Tracking

  1. Assign People for Different Stages

    Assign People for Different Stages

    A key benefit of a recruitment software should be the ability for all relevant team members to engage and contribute with the hiring process. Recruiterbox is built precisely for collaborative hiring.

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  2. Track Applicant Status

    Track Applicant Status

    One of the most critical steps of your hiring process is to check on the progress of sourcing and interviews – know the status of all applicants in your system.

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  3. Auto-Archive Applicants

    Auto-Archive Applicants

    When you are dealing with large number of incoming applicants, our recruitment software helps you archive applicants easily, so you are only spending time looking at the relevant ones.

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Careers Site Management

  1. Hosted Careers Site

    Hosted Careers Site

    Our online recruiting software gives you an attractive careers page with all your openings information displayed on a unique link, which you can share, and on which candidates can apply.

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  2. Publish Openings to Search Engines and Social Media

    Publish Openings to Search Engines and Social Media

    While creating openings within our recruitment software, you will have the added advantage to push these openings to Simply Hired and Indeed (Paid Plans only), and share the opening’s link on your social media profile. Social Media publication is just one of many awesome features from our recruitment management software.

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  3. Customizable Application Questionnaire

    Customizable Application Questionnaire

    When a candidate applies to your openings link, you should be able to provide a form that captures all the information that you seek from the candidate. Our recruiting software allows you to capture everything you want through a customized application form.

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Collaborative Recruitment

  1. Email Candidates Directly from Recruiterbox

    Email Candidates Directly from Recruiterbox

    Our recruitment software accepts attachments in any format and converts it into a candidate profile, while preserving the original attachment for download when you need it. It accepts all popular formats such as doc, docx, text, rtf, odt, html, pdf.

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  2. Create & Delegate Tasks

    Create & Delegate Tasks

    The Recruitment Software allows you to create and assign tasks such as interviews and screening, for anyone on the team, and reminds you to complete them.

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  3. Canned Email Templates

    Canned Email Templates

    The recruitment software makes your life easy by allowing you to create and store templates of messages you send regularly to multiple candidates. Simply create a professional template that can be selected and sent out with just a couple of clicks.

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  4. Share Applicants with Team Members

    Share Applicants with Team Members

    You can easily share candidate profiles within your team through our applicant tracking system. This is especially important for businesses that will use multiple employees as screeners throughout the recruiting process. If multiple interviews from various members of the team are standard for your business, this aspect of the applicant tracking system is absolutely imperative.

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Recruitment Productivity

  1. Get Important Notifications and Email Alerts

    Get Important Notifications and Email Alerts

    The recruitment software notifies you when a candidate is added to the system or when you ask to be reminded on a task you are responsible for. This feature of our applicant tracking system can be very useful especially when you have multiple people accepting applications at your end.

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