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"This is an amazing product: cost-effective, efficient and easy to use. Recruiterbox has made my work life more organized."

Martina Page
Head of Human Resources, CYC Design Corporation
Martina Page, Head of Human Resources, CYC Design Corporation

"Recruiterbox is easy to use, scalable and effective for our needs. The customer support team is best in class, responsive, professional and willing to go beyond expectations."

Kelly Weikle
Recruiter/Project Manager, 1FORCE
Kelly Weikle, Recruiter/Project Manager, 1FORCE

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Highlighted features of the Recruitment Software include creating and distributing job openings, team collaboration tools and interview scheduling.

Step by step guide to Applicant Tracking with Recruiterbox

1.  Create an account

Spend less than a minute to register a recruiterbox account. Choose a site address where you would like to manage your job applications.

Create an account

2.  Create openings/jobs

Once you register, you can create openings in the system. Enter information like title, location, description etc.

Create openings/jobs

3.  Invite colleagues who work on recruiting

Add the people who will be working with you in order to fill this opening. Just enter an email, and we do the rest.

Invite colleagues who work on recruiting

4.  Set up your Recruitment Funnel

Create buckets to track which candidates are at what stage of recruitment. You can also assign people for each stage.

Set up your Recruitment Funnel

5.  Add Candidates

That's it. You can now upload candidate resumes from your desktop or your email attachments. We also create a job application link for your opening. If you use job boards or social media to promote your opening, candidates can directly apply through this link.

Add Candidates
Once set up, all job applications flow to one place

6.  Get notified of new Applications

Whenever new candidates are added to an opening, by whatever method, everyone associated with that opening gets notified by email.

Get notified of new Applications

7.  Screen Applications

When you click on a candidate, you see his or her resume directly. You can also make notes and share them instantly with your colleagues.

Screen Applications

8.  Track & Schedule

With recruiterbox, you can keep your hiring organized by managing tasks, interview scheduling and assigning candidates to stages to track their progress.

Track & Schedule

9.  Automate Repetitive Steps

Recruiterbox helps you reduce time on repetitive or mundane tasks such as sending canned emails, detecting duplicate applications or managing your company's careers page. 

Automate Repetitive Steps

10.  Auto manage your careers page

Include our jobs widget on your company's careers page, and you will never have to worry about it again. This will keep your career site updated (no IT person required). In addition, all applications to your website are automatically captured into recruiterbox. 

Auto manage your careers page