Behind the scenes

The Product

Recruiterbox is a result of talking to numerous people who hire. It was built during a time when recruiting was slow, forcing us to find what people that are hiring really need.

We saw that most people did not use recruiting software because it was too overwhelming or expensive. Those who did buy software complained that their employees did not use the software as they found it complex and time consuming.

We realized that there was a need for a simpler, affordable, online recruiting software. Software that didn't try to do too many things - but still got the job done.

Recruiterbox was built with all this in mind.

The People

Recruiterbox was founded by Girish Redekar, Raghuveer Kancherla & Raj Sheth. Girish and Raghu are engineers who truly enjoy building simple and intuitive products. Raj enjoys growing and marketing businesses.