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  • 5 Paths to Better Job Descriptions

    Your job descriptions should really be treated like marketing copy. They have to be informative, dynamic and easy to find, all while attracting the right people. It’s not easy to craft the perfect job description, but here are 5 tips that can certainly help!
  • Utilizing Technology for Hiring

    Learn how Utilizing Technology for Hiring can benefit you and your company today! Available at
  • How to Build Your Brand Ambassador Team

    Brand ambassadors are great for business, morale and branding. Every company can benefit from brand ambassadors, but leaders aren’t always so sure where to start in identifying and developing them. Some will be hard to miss with their enthusiasm, while others will need some fostering.
  • It’s Vacation Time! What’s the Plan?

    Spring has sprung (or at least it’s trying to), and those summer vacation requests are starting to roll in. Time off can be great for the individual as well as their part in organizational success. Time off has been linked to increase productivity, higher engagement rates, lower instances of ...
  • Inside the HR Toolbox

    An important part of every business is the human resource department. The HR department is in charge of managing many important functions of the business. An effective and well-equipped human resource department can help streamline the hiring and firing process, saving the business both time and money.
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