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  • Internal and External Hiring: Pros and Cons

    “Minimum 5 years’ experience working in the industry…"
  • 5 Need-to-Know Facts About Millennial Candidates

    “Gen X and Boomer hiring managers often emphasize things that entry-level hires don’t care about, and the best candidates have other offers.” - Anne Fisher (@anbfisher), Columnist & Management / Workplace Contributor for Forbes 
  • Fail Safe Hiring: The SSID Process

    We all understand the importance of a process to achieve certain defined goals in our company. For instance, the sales pipeline process is well understood and frameworks such as “Predictable Revenue” have been adopted successfully to build sales teams and achieve targets.
  • How to Humanize Your Job Descriptions

    Most job listings are dull and underwhelming. That’s not been an issue in the last few years when it’s been essentially a buyer’s market. But today, when talent is increasingly in demand, what is the response to a ho-hum job ad?  Dead silence. Your candidates are going ...
  • Why IT Enabled HR Managers Get High Salaries

    HR and Technology have now amalgamated and have created a new genre called as HRIS i.e. Human Resource Information System. HRIS is intersection of human resources and information technology through HR software. The professionals working under this system are known as HRIS Managers, and draw salaries far higher than ...