Transparent Pricing

We're upfront about our pricing so you're never surprised with any hidden costs.

Undisclosed Expenses

You know what's it like: You think you've found a recruiting software that's easy to use and offers the solutions you need. But the pricing model is needlessly complicated, or you think you know what you'll be paying only to learn there are additional expenses.

Pricing Made Simple

Recruiterbox offers a simple, three-tiered pricing structure. The features of each plan are clearly spelled out, as is each plan's cost per month. Our prices are all inclusive–there's no extra setup cost, support cost, per-user cost or termination fee. With our recruiting software, you know exactly what you're getting, for exactly how much.

Recruiterbox transparent pricing

Keep on Budget

Every business has to stick to a budget–or else they wouldn't be in business anymore. When you sign up for one of our monthly pricing plans, you can budget for that exact amount–so your recruiting software line item is always in check.