Private Conversations

Sensitive Material

Bringing someone new into your organization can be a delicate process. You may have concerns about a candidate you’d rather not to share with everybody. Or you may not want everyone involved in the selection process to be privy to salary negotiations. Certain kinds of information require a higher level of discretion than others.

Selective Sharing

When creating an internal note within a candidate’s profile, that note is typically viewable to anyone who has access to that candidate in Recruiterbox. However, you can mark notes as private. There are three levels of users within our ATS software, with superusers having the highest level of access. Private notes are only accessible by superusers and users who are copied on these notes. Users who have not been copied, users with a lower level of access and the candidates themselves cannot view private notes.

The Right Access

By ensuring that only certain team members can view private notes, you’ll avoid the negative ramifications–gossip, salary demands–that may come along with the wrong people having access to too much information.

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