Auto Archive

Managing Your List of Candidates

You most likely have many more candidates than available positions. You need a way to organize your candidates beyond just deleting them. Once a candidate reaches a certain point in the hiring process–regardless of whether you decided to hire them or not–it’s helpful to keep their information on file. Our automated recruiting process gives you a convenient way to do that.

Select Your Stages

In our ATS software, candidates will pass through a series of stages that you predefine. As you manage the stages of your openings, you can set any stage to automatically archive candidates. Auto archive is the default setting for the later stages of your hiring process, when you make the decision to accept or reject a candidate. But you have the option to deselect auto archive for these stages, or to add auto archive to earlier stages in your hiring process. When you duplicate stages created from a previously created opening, your auto archive selection will carry over as well.

Efficient Organization

By the time a candidate reaches a certain point in the hiring process (accept offer, reject application), they’re by definition no longer going to be an active candidate. Our auto-archive process saves you time by negating the need to painstakingly select candidates one-by-one to archive, while ensuring the candidates’ information is retained within the ATS software.

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