Looking for a Ready-Made Solution

Related is a New York-based real estate business with a worldwide presence. In addition to extensive holdings throughout the United States, they’re developing properties in the Middle East, China and Brazil. Altogether, the portfolio of assets that Related owns and manages is valued at more than $15 billion, a mix of residential and commercial properties.

The Related corporate office needed help with hiring, and was looking for an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box applicant tracking system. Beyond something that was user-friendly, they needed a software that organized candidates, simplified recruitment workflow and was accessible to all managers involved in the recruiting process. Related test-drove Recruiterbox with a free trial and determined the recruitment software fit their needs.

Lots of Information, One Place

Whereas once information was scattered, Related now has a centralized place where all hiring managers can view job openings, candidates and their respective stages of the hiring process, and interviewers’ notes about candidates. Related frequently has many openings at the same time, and memorizing all of this information would be impossible. The company considered creating a document in-house to track everything, but determined it would require much more maintenance and the interface would not be as clean.

Time Savings and Lower Blood Pressure

After an easy implementation, Related has realized substantial benefits in migrating their hiring process to Recruiterbox. Hiring managers are saving time by not having to search through hundreds of emails each day for resumes, and their assistants save time because they no longer have to constantly re-send these files. There’s less stress for everyone involved.

"Related is a well-known, well-respected company in the real estate industry. By keeping our hiring process as smooth and organized as possible, we make sure the professional, polished image we’re known for is seen by strong potential candidates and the recruiters we work with."

                                                    -Erica Horowitz,
                                                     Administrative Assistant, Related Companies