Man in the Mirror

Recruiterbox and Man in the Mirror

In Need of a New Solution

Since 1986, Man in the Mirror has worked with more than 25,000 churches and millions of individuals. In addition to corporate staff at the Orlando headquarters, the men’s ministry has field staff all over the United States. No stranger to applicant tracking systems, the organization needed a solution that allowed them to screen candidates for multiple job openings simultaneously. They also needed recruiting software that enabled staff members to communicate about a candidate’s status, as well as store a candidate’s supporting documentation (application, references, background checks, etc.) in one place. 

Unfortunately, Man in the Mirror’s ATS software had become cost-prohibitive for the nonprofit organization. Additionally, its functionalities were relatively rigid and didn’t accommodate Man in the Mirror’s changing requirements. Ultimately, three criteria guided the organization’s search for new recruiting software: pricing, flexibility and customer support.

Nonprofit-friendly and Customizable 

After a thorough investigation, Man in the Mirror narrowed their ATS options down to three. With its low price point and high functionality, Recruiterbox seemed too good to be true and they were frankly a little skeptical. But in testing out Recruiterbox through the free trial, they were pleasantly surprised.

Man in the Mirror found Recruiterbox intuitive and easy to use, with a high degree of flexibility and functionality. For example, many of Man in the Mirror’s job opening templates incorporate links. While most ATS solutions can support this, it can be cumbersome to achieve. Not so with Recruiterbox. Additionally, the organization appreciates that there’s no limit to how many custom templates they can create, as the needs and tracking requirements differ with each position.

Man in the Mirror also found that Recruiterbox was able to easily accommodate new requirements without tacking on additional cost. At the beginning, the ministry had a few unique requirements that weren’t initially supported by the ATS software. Man in the Mirror contacted customer support, and the Recruiterbox engineering team quickly put into place solutions to suit the needs of the nonprofit.

Cost and Time Savings

In terms of both time and money, the savings Man in the Mirror has experienced with Recruiterbox have been substantial. The streamlined nature of the recruiting software equates to less time spent looking for files and researching exactly where each candidate is in the hiring process. And the nonprofit rate means that Recruiterbox is imminently affordable.

With Recruiterbox, Man in the Mirror can tailor their filters and stages in the exact ways necessary to identify the most qualified candidates for their openings. And by hiring the most qualified individuals, Man in the Mirror is able to better fulfill its mission of empowering and transforming men through church outreach.

“We continue to be surprised at Recruiterbox’s flexibility. It’s a very intuitive, easy-to-use application that we’ve customized along the way. Their non-profit rate and payment plan made our decision a no-brainer.”                

                                                                  -Al Lenio,
                                                                   Director of Operations, Man in the Mirror