How Dreamclinic Cut Their Hiring Time in Half With Recruiterbox

Dreamclinic is a Seattle-based wellness company consistently recognized for providing outstanding therapeutic massage and acupuncture services. In addition to operating three Seattle-area clinics, they partner with Fortune 500 companies to provide enterprise-wide chair massage programs in corporate workplaces across five states. Their Workplace division is the fastest growing area of the business.

With an eye on national expansion, the $4 million dollar company is at a pivotal point of growth, according to Dreamclinic recruiter Kathy Jakielski. Different hiring managers had different methods to keep track of applicants: Some would use spreadsheets, some kept paper files in the clinic, and the Workplace division used workflow management software. As Dreamclinic experienced more growth, these different methods of tracking applicants became unsustainable.

“As we’re growing and hiring more therapists and administrative staff, it was difficult to track interview notes and weed out duplicate candidates,” says Jakielski. “We didn’t have anything recorded in one place. We were wasting time by interviewing repeat applicants that we had rejected years before. With our non-centralized method of data collection, it wasn’t clear where candidates were in the interview process without a long chain of emails or phone tag between hiring managers. We lost out on top talent because our hiring process took too long.”

It became clear that Dreamclinic needed to implement an applicant tracking solution that would work across the company. Their existing tools worked decently for the Workplace division and integrated with Dreamclinic’s careers page, but the software was really designed more for project management. As such, some qualities that Dreamclinic was looking for in a recruiting software were absent.

The software didn’t have robust reporting functionality, so it was difficult for Dreamclinic to determine how many applicants they received, and from what sources. It was complex and challenging to learn, which was problematic because users of a variety of technical comfort levels needed to access it. Additionally, Dreamclinic had to pay for a new license for each new software user, which became expensive. As a result, they couldn’t afford to bring all interviewers into the system.

Instead, Dreamclinic was looking for a recruiting software with the following qualities:

  • Simple, intuitive user interface with low training and ramp-up time
  • Centralized candidate collection
  • Centralized internal and external communication 
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Cost-effective
  • No long-term commitment
  • Reporting functionality
  • Responsive customer support

Based on these needs, Dreamclinic signed up for a two-week trial period with Recruiterbox. “I have done a number of product trials before,” says Jakielski. “Often I’ve found it really hard to use the product and two weeks isn’t enough. But with Recruiterbox, we were actually able to put the product to work and recruit people before the two-week trial period was over.”

Due to the fact that she was able to get the product up and running, and in combination with the high level of customer support she received, Jakielski was confident by the end of the two-week trial that Recruiterbox was the recruiting software Dreamclinic needed. She says there was initially a challenge in getting internal buy-in. Some staff members were wary from previous attempts to bring in company-wide recruiting solutions that didn’t stick. “But with Recruiterbox’s intuitive UI and the ease of assigning workflows, everyone found it really easy to use and knew what their specific action was,” Jakielski says. “No one got lost in the system.”

Since Dreamclinic has brought on Recruiterbox, Jakielski has been pleasantly surprised by how much faster they’ve been able to process applicants. For their therapist positions, Dreamclinic’s goal is to reach a hiring decision between two and three weeks after posting an opening – and they’re fulfilling that goal at their clinics. Before Recruiterbox, their average time-to-fill ran four to six weeks – twice as a long.

Jakielski says there are a number of ways Recruiterbox has made Dreamclinic’s hiring process more efficient:

  • Screening: “It saves me a lot of time because it’s easier for me to figure out who to screen to begin with. And it saves the hiring managers a lot of time because I can do a higher quality screen, so I don’t pull them into the process until I have really awesome candidates for them.”
  • Communication: “This person would talk to a candidate, that person would talk to a candidate, then I would talk to a candidate. It would take a long time. With the centralization that Recruiterbox provides, there’s increased communication between staff members.”
  • Workflows: “It’s helped us refine the interview process. In designing our workflows, we’ve asked ourselves, does this person really need to talk with a candidate? What questions are you asking that someone else isn’t? We are learning our individual strengths within the interview team.”
  • Reporting: “It saves me so much time when I’m pulling my weekly recruiting reports.”

By consolidating all their hiring activity under one central platform, Jakielski says Dreamclinic is well-positioned to scale. They’ve reduced hiring time, and are making higher-quality hires. There’s increased transparency and HR, hiring managers and interviewers are all on the same page regarding candidate communication. With the ability to archive candidates, Dreamclinic has a better way of keeping in touch with candidates about future opportunities.

“Nationwide expansion is a tricky thing,” Jakielski says. “Recruiterbox is going to allow us to expand in a really manageable and reasonable way as we go into other markets to do what we do best: help people de-stress, heal and manage pain. Healthy individuals make healthy teams. Healthy teams make healthy businesses. Healthy businesses make healthy communities. We’re grateful to partner with Recruiterbox to help us find great talent as we grow and bring wellness to our clients.”

"With Recruiterbox’s intuitive UI and the ease of assigning workflows, everyone found it really easy to use and knew what their specific action was. No one got lost in the system.”

                                                        -Kathy Jakielski,
                                                         Recruiter, Dreamclinic