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Disorganization and Duplicate Resumes

Founded in 2007, Durable is a digital marketing agency with offices in New York and London. As a small shop, they rely on recruiters to source most of their candidates. Before turning to an applicant tracking system, they’d been relying on Google Drive for candidate storage. They were organizing applications by role or by date, and storing documents in folders. After six years, this hiring system began to feel a little disorganized. The fact that they were hiring across geographies just compounded things.

Wanting to formalize their hiring processes, Durable leadership began looking into ATS software. “We get a ton of applicants for any given position,” says Peter Gassiraro, managing partner at Durable. “And they’re all in various states of examination. When we’re recruiting engineers, for example, we want to see code samples, and sometimes we get them and sometimes we don’t. So we were looking for a system that could help us with our process and make sure that we were being disciplined with our evaluation of candidates.”

Additionally, they were encountering the challenge of duplicate candidates, an issue that’s more likely to happen when working with external recruiters. “When you go through recruiters, resumes come in all sorts of different naming conventions,” says Gassiraro. “One problem we were running into was that two different recruiters would present the same candidate. It happened enough to be a pain in the neck. So that’s what prompted us to look for a way that could we could better organize these inbound resumes, and for a solution that would alert us when the same person was presented by different recruiters.”

Cost-Effective and Process-Oriented

Durable researched ATS software in the typical way, through an online search. After determining which recruitment software options were consistent with their desired price point, they conducted trials of each and evaluated. In addition to offering an affordable solution, Recruiterbox’s biggest selling point for Durable was that it could assist with the agency’s hiring process in a way other softwares could not.

“We thought the built-in processes, and the ability to customize processes, within Recruiterbox was invaluable,” says Gassiraro. “We were able to take our processes and apply them directly into Recruiterbox. Honestly, I think we had too many steps when we started, and we’ve gotten a little simpler since using Recruiterbox. It’s an ongoing refinement.”

Speaking of ongoing refinements, Gassiraro also appreciates the improvements he’s seen in Recruiterbox since he began using the ATS software. Early on, Durable experienced spam coming from Recruiterbox. Durable’s hiring managers were getting a lot of false email notifications about resumes coming into Recruiterbox. Gassiraro contacted Recruiterbox support, and the spam stopped shortly thereafter.

There are still some software enhancements Gassiraro would love to see, primarily concerning duplicate resume detection and external recruiters. “Recruiterbox isn’t spectacular in this regard, because it searches for duplicates by email address,” he says. “And when you get a resume from a recruiter, it’s coming from the recruiter’s email. So what you end up with is duplicate, duplicate, duplicate. If the system were more flexible to be working both with individual candidates and recruiters, I would be really thrilled. But Recruiterbox has gotten us a little further down the line.”

Centralized and On-Brand

In addition to helping simplify their hiring process, Gassiraro appreciates that Recruiterbox stores all of Durable’s resumes in one place. “They’re not wandering around in peoples’ email boxes or anything like that,” he says. “And I like that feature that you can forward an email into Recruiterbox.”

Being in the world of digital marketing, Gassiraro is constantly thinking about branding, and he considers Recruiterbox to be a good fit for Durable. “Generally speaking, I think it’s on-brand for us,” he says. “When I think of brand, I think of it both internally and externally. And internally, Recruiterbox is of the kind of quality that we like to use. It’s definitely ticking the boxes for what’s most important to us.”

“Recruiterbox’s user experience is well thought-through compared to a lot of other products I’ve seen, so I appreciate that a great deal. The whole thinking around resume organization is really solid.”

                                                      -Peter Gassiraro,
                                                       Managing Partner, Durable