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Pocket-Sized Resources and a Reliance on Paper

Retail chain Beauty Brands has more than 50 locations in 11 states–and the Kansas City-based company is planning to massively expand in the next five years. The company’s recruiting process consisted of collecting and filing paper resumes and applications, and relied heavily on central HR. The HR department is small, which means resources are stretched thin. Many open positions went unfilled because the team didn’t have enough time to post jobs and filter resumes to the correct location. With major growth on the horizon, HR knew that continuing along the paper trail just wasn’t going to cut it.

Beauty Brands needed help making recruiting as efficient and effective as possible. They required a product that would integrate seamlessly into their website, and post to aggregate job sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. They also needed a product that would allow for unlimited users, so store managers could run their own recruiting and rely less on central HR. Beauty Brands’ HR and e-commerce teams worked together and decided on a shortlist of four applicant tracking systems: ADP, CareerBuilder, JobScore and Recruiterbox.

Cheap and Easy

In the end, two factors led Beauty Brands to choose Recruiterbox. The first was ease-of-use. Store managers had never used ATS software before, and in Recruiterbox they found a product that was easy to learn, sorted candidates efficiently and didn’t overwhelm users with too many options. Beauty Brands has more than 50 managers, each of whom has their own recruiting system. Rolling out Recruiterbox to every Beauty Brands store was a bit of challenge, as it was hard to communicate consistently. But once managers understood how to set up and replicate a recruitment workflow, things got easier.

The second factor was price. Recruiterbox was on the low end of the pricing spectrum, which was important as Beauty Brands was implementing an ATS for the first time. Additionally, they appreciated that Recruiterbox required no contract commitment.

Bang-on Budget and Indestructible Pipelines

Prior to using Recruiterbox, Beauty Brands never knew how many resumes they gathered from online sources, let alone which sources produced the most resumes. Recruiterbox’s Source Reports feature helps Beauty Brands to allocate its recruiting budget to the sources that provide the most bang for the buck.

Additionally, Beauty Brands’ managers are thrilled they can manage their own job openings and recruiting pipelines within Recruiterbox. Whereas once communication silos existed between stores, now managers can share candidates and help each other fill positions. Free syndication to job sites like Indeed and SimplyHired further strengthens Beauty Brands’ recruiting pipelines. All of this adds up to openings that are filled faster than ever.

“We are constantly searching to hire the best people for the job. Recruiterbox allows us to reach deeper into online sites for candidates. I know that more candidates are seeing our postings and applying because of this!”

                                                            -Merryl Nik-Khah,
                                                             Human Resources Manager, Beauty Brands