Case Studies & Success Stories

Here at Recruiterbox, we have plenty of case studies showing exactly how useful our recruitment software can be. Many high profile companies have used our software to help streamline their recruitment processes, allowing them to organize and search resumes and cover letters with ease while not dealing with the tremendous paper clutter that comes with a typical candidate search.  Our applicant tracking system allows companies to input resumes directly into a database where they can search and organize those resumes however they see fit.

There are several features of our recruiting management software that have been particularly useful to some of the participants in our case studies. The ability to upload resumes in bulk, instead of painstakingly doing it one by one, has been cited by many of our users as a key feature that has made their lives—and recruitment processes—much easier. Additionally, the ability to search through the entire database of resumes for key words or phrases (such as finding all candidates who attended Georgetown, or all who previously worked at Google) was found to be important because it saved literally hours of time that otherwise would have been spent sifting back and forth between resumes.

Obviously, don’t take our word for it. On this page you’ll find case studies for four well-known, branded companies that have seen their recruiting processes streamlined thanks to our recruiting management software. Read through the case studies, and if you have any questions, as always, feel free to get in touch with us.