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Attracting the right talent to your company can be a challenge if you are limited to just your website and posting on a job board. Today, companies need cloud, web-based recruitment software features for promoting job openings through social media, while attracting candidates from different sources. With the help of applicant-friendly tools like mobile recruiting software, the candidate experience is enhanced.

Recruiterbox has all the recruitment software features for small to medium-sized businesses to complete their entire hiring process from job opening, resume management, applicant tracking, interview scheduling, to the hiring of new employees. Companies have the ability to customize their Human Resource (HR) applicant tracking system (ATS) solution with personalized applications, questionnaires, documents, and procedures. This ATS solution results in all your  recruitment information being located and shared in one convenient location.

What makes Recruiterbox easier to use than most human resources applicant tracking systems?

  • Resume Management – collect resumes from attachments and in various formats, duplicate detention, and resume parsing functionality, which extracts data from documents and automatically creates applicant profiles.
  • Applicant Tracking – fast, easy-to-use recruiting software that helps you design the best recruitment process for each of your job postings – from beginning to end
  • Careers Site Management – customized applications/questionnaires; display your job openings on your company’s careers page; and develop an attractive, mobile-friendly careers page, which can be linked to prospective candidates.
  • Collaborative Recruiting – ability to engage team members with the hiring process by creating and delegating tasks, and sharing notes and evaluations
  • Recruitment Automation – automatically archive candidate profiles, create email templates, automate candidate responses, and create alerts or notifications of upcoming tasks or schedules
  • Sourcing Candidates, Interview Scheduling, Reports, and Hiring Information – finish your recruitment process with all the steps needed for a successful recruitment

Expect the best experience with Recruiterbox. Applicants love working with true professionals. Request your free live demo by clicking the button below.

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