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Today’s job market has more job postings for skilled and technical workers than qualified applicants to fill them. For Human Resources (HR) hiring managers, it is important to recruit, interview, and hire within a timely recruiting process, before the good ones get away. Talent acquisition, talent management, and an applicant tracking system can be accomplished with an easy-to-use HR hiring software called Recruiterbox.

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Recruiterbox is a cloud, web-based, applicant tracking system (ATS) that provides recruiting software for managing every aspect of the hiring process.  HR team members can easily streamline the entire process of recruiting and hiring with job postings and sourcing, the collection of applicant profiles, interview scheduling, collaboration among team members, new hires, customer support, and post-hiring activities. Small to medium-sized businesses have to compete with larger companies to attract the best candidates, and Recruiterbox can help you get there.

Why Recruiterbox, recruiting software and applicant tracking system?

  • Easy set-up of careers-pages for attracting the best job seekers
  • Post jobs once – updates everywhere on website, careers-pages, job boards, social recruiting sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more
  • Expand your HR software with customized application form and questionnaire for each job opening
  • Create a unique job seeker and new hire experience with a user-friendly recruiting software
  • Use search tools with words/phrases that quickly identify qualified applicants
  • Faster recruiting process with new recruiting tools, resulting in quicker interview schedules
  • Timely communication between directors, hiring managers, interviewers, and new hires
  • Ability to have all your recruitment process information in one convenient place

With Recruiterbox, learn how your business can recruit, interview, and hire the right people with the help of an HR hiring software. Avoid the constant paperwork scramble and save your Human Resource’s team tons of time. Sign up for your FREE demo of Recruiterbox today.

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Recruiterbox is the easiest to use system to streamline your hiring process. Discover customizable hiring workflows, automated steps and reminders, and reporting that highlights where you're finding top talent. Request a demo today and start hiring better.

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