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he healthcare industry is growing at a faster rate than average occupations, adding about 2.3 million new jobs. Human Resource (HR) hiring managers and recruiters have a daily challenge of recruiting qualified healthcare professionals fast enough to fill the open positions. All the technological changes with health applications, mobile technology, and electronic medical records have completely transformed the healthcare field and how they handle people. In order to attract highly qualified applicants, institutions need comprehensive and reliable healthcare recruiting software.

With the changes in technology, the demand for more advanced skill applicants is needed. To keep up with this demand, healthcare organizations need to have the ability to reach more highly-skilled candidates. Once potential candidates have applied for job openings, HR hiring managers and recruiters need to be able to review, sort, process, and interview in a timely manner, to avoid losing highly-qualified applicants.

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Recruiting and talent acquisition challenges that healthcare organizations face today:

  • Lack of a collaborative recruiting solution that builds connections between HR team members and healthcare staffing
  • Challenge of finding the best talent for highly-skilled positions
  • Ability to build a reputation for organization brand indicating “why it is a great place to work”
  • Featuring real-life, positive stories of current employees helps attracts other professionals
  • Not using social media to attract mobile job seekers that are on-the-go, but looking
  • Millennials are “social”  – post jobs to social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook
  • No incentive for a referral system for attracting new candidates

Recruiterbox, with over 2000 trusted customers, offers a complete and customized, automated applicant tracking system (ATS) solution that takes healthcare providers from the beginning of the recruiting process to the end of the hiring process. This easy-to-use ATS solution allows you to easily post jobs to your website, careers-pages, job boards, search engine sites, and social media sites, all with one simple click. With over 80% of job seekers using mobile devices to search for jobs online, it is important to have positions posted on different online sites resulting in more highly-skilled applicants.

Why use Recruiterbox?

  • Simple, easy-to-use, automated applicant tracking system that can be customized for all your recruiting functions
  • Resume Management – automation of candidate resumes/applications; sorting by keywords; capability of downloading resumes from different sources
  • Applicant Tracking – quickly identify where each applicant is in the hiring process
  • Careers Site Management – post jobs once and automatically update to different sources like company website, job boards, search engines, careers-pages, and social media
  • Collaborative Recruiting – communicate with everyone on your HR hiring team, including healthcare department, at the same time
  • Recruitment Automation – receive interview schedule alerts, create email templates for notifications to applicants, and more
  • Sourcing Candidates – free search engine syndication like Indeed, SimplyHired, Glassdoor, ApplyIQ, and and job sharing with social media sites
  • Interview Scheduling – collaborative shared calendars for scheduling interviews resulting in a faster hiring process
  • HR Reports – EEOC, source and applicant tracking reports, and other HR statistics
  • Classified Hiring Information – private fields, conversations, and notes
  • Professional healthcare recruiting software creates the best candidate experience
  • RecruiterBox has an affordable, single annual price with all-inclusive features. No hidden costs. No installation, setup, or additional charges.

Recruiterbox is one of the top applicant tracking systems on the market that will transform your healthcare recruitment process. Sign up for your free, live demo below.

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