CRM Candidate Relationship Management

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Have you lost a good candidate, from the talent pool, in the paperwork shuffle of reviewing resumes, choosing candidates, or during the interview scheduling process? With so many jobs on the market today, it is easy to lose qualified candidates to other organizations, if you are not on top of your talent acquisition. In a nutshell, candidate relationship management (CRM) provides applicant information like resumes, applications, questionnaires, or other necessary job information, in one centralized location.

Why use Recruiterbox?

Recruiterbox, a web-based applicant tracking system (ATS) software, offers everything you need for your Human Resources (HR) hiring process, including candidate relationship management. When you receive an application/resume from a potential job seeker, they automatically receive an immediate acknowledgement. When they are scheduled for an interview, an automatic notification for an interview is sent to them. If they are not selected, they are always acknowledged with an automated thank you email.

Customer relationships are vital to your business. Businesses who earn an excellent reputation for recruitment marketing and create the best candidate experience, always increase their employer brand. RecruiterBox’ auto-archive and retains all candidate database information for future job board openings.  

Why use Recruiterbox?

  • Applicant tracking system – at one glance you know where each candidate is in the hiring process; provides excellent communication between candidate and company
  • Entire executive or hiring team can connect with each other and candidate with automated system; all communication is a thread for everyone to view; no one is lost in the talent pipeline
  • Real-time candidate profile and communication information is organized into one central location; save time, avoid confusion, and stay organized
  • Candidates are kept informed at each step of hiring process; companies show they care about their applicants with courteous communication

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