Mobile Applicant Tracking System

In these busy days of being on the “move”, our digital world requires us to have easy access to our work, play, and shops. The Human Resources (HR) recruitment process is no exception. Small business to medium-sized companies need a comprehensive applicant tracking system (ATS) solution that helps hiring managers and recruiters automate the entire recruitment workflow.

A mobile applicant tracking system starts with posting job openings, application and resume management, filtering job applicants, matching the best candidates with open jobs, scheduling interviews, and paperwork for new hires. One of the key challenges for almost every HR departments is finding the best talent in the quickest amount of time.

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Recruiterbox Will Help You

Recruiterbox can help! With a web-based applicant tracking system (ATS) that automates the recruitment process, hiring managers and recruiters have access from either the office, home, or vacation location. By handling most of the administrative tasks online and efficient recruiting software, you save time by not having to manually collect job applications, review and analyze resumes, and call/email for interviews.

Recruiterbox automatically collects the applicant application, parses resumes, sorts and identifies the best candidates to interview, and coordinates scheduling interviews between team members and candidates. Recruiterbox makes your job easier! By organizing and managing each aspect of the applicant review process, you have less stress performing tedious tasks and more time to focus on priorities.

What we know so far about Recruiterbox:

  • Web-based applicant tracking system (ATS) – automates the recruitment process
  • Mobile HR software with ATS access – work from the office, home, or another location
  • Recruitment software saves you time and makes your job easier
  • Makes for a better candidate experience with automated application process and interview process

With an aging workforce and millions of millennials looking for skilled jobs, it is a challenge for employers to find the right person with the right skills. Businesses that use an HR mobile applicant tracking software, and stay organized from beginning to end during the hiring process, will be the first to find the best candidates.

Transform and restructure how you accelerate through the hiring process with a recruitment software that can be customized to your business from job postings, applications and questionnaires, resume management, recruitment automation, interview scheduling, and paperwork for new hires. In today’s digital world, HR managers need the best applicant tracking software to stay up with the competition.

Recruiterbox has the following software features:

  • Resume and Talent Management
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Career Site Management with job postings, job boards, websites, and social media recruiting with LinkedIn, Google, etc
  • Collaborative Recruiting
  • Recruitment Automation
  • Sourcing Candidates – talent acquisition and job seekers from different sources
  • Reports and Interview Scheduling
  • Classified Hiring Information
  • Business Class Software
  • One, affordable, annual price with everything included, no hidden costs

Do what is best for your company in this fast-paced job market. Sign up for your free live demo of Recruiterbox today and experience the digital difference.

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Recruiterbox is the easiest to use system to streamline your hiring process. Discover customizable hiring workflows, automated steps and reminders, and reporting that highlights where you're finding top talent. Request a demo today and start hiring better.

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