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Why IT Enabled HR Managers Get High Salaries

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HR and Technology have now amalgamated and have created a new genre called as HRIS i.e. Human Resource Information System. HRIS is intersection of human resources and information technology through HR software. The professionals working under this system are known as HRIS Managers, and draw salaries far higher than other non IT enabled HR managers.

HRIS needs specialized and trained professionals to manage and work with the system. A professional who can handle the HR functions, and at the same time use technology as a catalyst for achieving the HR objectives, will come at a cost to any organization. This skill is rewarded monetarily by the industry, by paying higher salaries.

Roles and Responsibilities of HRIS Managers

  • An HRIS manager is responsible for developing, implementing and modifying system requirements.
  • He/she is also responsible for maintaining the integrity of data held within the Human Resources System.
  • Based on the analysis done for the organization, the HRIS manager is responsible to redesign business processes to utilize the human resource system more efficiently and improve and/or enhance existing organizational processes.
  • He/she shall also be responsible for creation and maintenance of positions to fulfill the human resource requirements of the organization.

Remuneration for HRIS Managers

HR Manager salary in US

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It’s interesting to note that HRIS enabled managers are paid more than their non-IT enabled counterparts. The average pay for a Human Resources (HR) Manager is $60,153 per year.

Percentage of HRIS Managers

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  • The average salary for an HRIS enabled manager reaches to around $103,384 whereas for a non IT enabled manger, it’s as low as $60,153. The gap in the remuneration is matched up with the ROI that he/she generates, through technology driven efficient processes.
  • For experts and professionals like these, there is a huge demand and supply gap in the industry. Therefore, retaining HR personnel, by offering him more than the rest and rewarding his contributions through monetary incentives and other forms of recognitions is necessary. It will also attract more talent to take birth in this sector.

Advantages of IT enabled-HR Manager

  • Technology reduces manual involvement in any process, thus making it time efficient and increasing its accuracy. Any IT enabled manager understands this, and deploys the right set of tools to make it happen.
  • The HR personnel who is putting the technology into use, will not require a huge team to handle the HR processes. Technology will reduce the manual workload
  • He/she can use the power of data analytics for future resource planning.
  • An HRIS manager will use cost-effective technology solutions wherever necessary, thus bringing down the expenses of having a huge HR team.

Crossing Over of Non IT Manager To an HRIS enabled Manager

  • It’s important to turn HR into a Business Execution process. Technology plays a critical role in enabling the transformation of HR from personnel management process into a business execution. Technology itself will not create this change. HR leaders must effectively use this technology to drive more business relevant conversation with line leaders.
  • Steve Secora, Senior Manager of HRIS at International Gaming Technology, said HR self service applications should be as intuitive as’s website. “When we talk about self service technologies, they save HR time if transacted in a way that’s easy for users to understand and we don’t have to conduct retraining every time someone uses one.”

In the next few years, HR processes have to evolve into a full fledged, modern digital environment and come in sync with the growing industry. There is significant value to be derived, and HR must now become self-sufficient in making this a reality. Therefore, the need of the hour is to make every manager in HR process to be well-versed with the right technology as well. They will have to learn to multi-task and generate quintessential results for the organization.

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