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The Perfect Interview For Hiring An Employee

In Interviews — by Recruiterbox

When you’re the boss and need to interview new employees it can be very intimidating, especially if you are hiring an employee for the first time. As a potential employer you are looking to attract quality candidates for your position and use detective work to discover who meets your needs the best. In addition to your requirements you’ll also need to show that your business is a great place to work. With a little guidance and a few techniques you can perfect your interviews when hiring an employee.

Before you interview you will need to do your homework. This includes a better understanding of the job and learning what you can about the candidate. Really think about the job position and its requirements. What will your new employee need to know and/or learn? You’ll also want to have read the candidate’s resume before the interview. Read it at least once, but the more the better. It’s less professional to read it in front of them during the interview. Quite honestly, this can also be insulting to the candidate. By spending extra time in preparation will also help you to make notes and think about specific questions to ask during the interview. Questions might be about their previous work experience or more explanation about a specific skill set.

During the interview you’ll want to be polite and friendly. Thank your candidate for coming and explain your process. This will help eliminate their need to ask what the next step is by you clarifying your entire interview process from start to finish. Set the tone for the interview and remember that you are the boss.

When asking questions during the interview you’ll want to avoid yes or no questions. Try and ask open-ended questions to get a more detailed response. This will really help you to better learn if this candidate is the right employee for you. While in the process of hiring an employee you want to really get insight into how they behave and their opinions. This can be done more effectively by making the candidate more comfortable during the interview process and then digging into the work experience related questions.

Hopefully these quick tips will help you become more successful in interviewing future employees for your business. Being prepared for your interview is one of the most important factors for having a perfect interview and you should keep good notes to remember candidates after the interview is over.

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Lastly, you’ll need to keep in mind that interviews are not just for you. The candidate will be interviewing you and your company as well. For a successful hire it will need to be a good experience for both parties.

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