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The Art of Luring Blog Visitors – The ‘Rand Fishkin’ Way

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How can you attract steady and growing stream of visitors to your blog every day? Why would someone visit your blog while there are millions of others on the internet? What would you do to charm your readers and make them come back for more?

It takes much more than just creating a blog to earn loyal readership and followers.

Rand Fishkin , the CEO and Co-founder of SEOMoz shares how he nurtured Moz blog to get over a million visits a month in this article ’ 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic (Updated 2012) ’. In the article, Rand Fishkin explores various strategies that have helped him bring up the Moz blog.

These tips and insights can be extremely useful for start-ups, small businesses, entrepreneurs or anyone who is looking to increase their blog traffic.

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