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Start Something That Matters: Lessons from TOMS

In Hiring Strategy — by Recruiterbox

Blake Mycoskie started his shoes company in 2006 with a noble cause. He promised to provide a new pair of shoes to needy poor children in Argentina for every pair of shoes bought from his company, TOMS.

Here is what Blake has got to say for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business with a social cause in mind:

  • Identify a need and create something that can really help people.

  • While working for a cause, think like an entrepreneur who sees a product with a potential market, create jobs and generate revenue.

  • Keep the concept simple so that people can understand it without your guidance.

  • The concept of buying products just for charity might not be sustainable. So, make sure your product offers value and is really useful to buyers.

  • Don’t wait to speak to experts to review your product. Share your product with your friends who can share honest feedback as well.

  • Connecting through email and phone calls might not be enough to grow your business. It is important to realize that your startup needs 100% attention and time. You may have to be physically present to move certain things ahead. If possible, quit your job to focus on it.

  • Tell your story to strike a connection. Add points that people can relate with and spread the idea without you asking them to do so.

  • Involve your customers in your movement. Let them see where their contribution is going. Help them share your story via Facebook, Twitter or email.

You can read the long version of the story here .

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