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11 Surprising Statistics About Employee Recognition [Infographic]

27 October 2016

People decide to leave jobs for different reasons but feeling underappreciated often causes someone to decide it’s time to move on. A simple “good job” here and there not only prevents an employee from updating their resume. It also creates a supportive and productive workplace. Your staff will be motivated and happy knowing their hard …

How Much Longer Will Your Company Follow a Fixed Working Schedule?

20 October 2016

There is a reason why the term “9-to-5” is synonymous with the typical office job. The eight hour stretch from morning to early evening has always been the standard schedule most people work. However, many modern companies are rethinking the longstanding rules of the workplace. Along with dress codes and cubicles, the idea that every …

Emotional Intelligence: The Most Overlooked Candidate Skill

06 October 2016

The workplace is an interesting environment. It’s a collection of different people who come together to work toward a common goal. In order to achieve success, everyone has to get along and support each other. But life is a roller coaster and humans are emotional creatures. It’s natural to feel happy, sad, excited, angry or …

Recruiterbox Recognized as a Top ATS by Software Advice & Gartner

04 October 2016

Recruiterbox has been named a “Master” in Software Advice and Gartner’s ATS FrontRunners Quadrant. We’re very proud of this distinction and the favorable ranking we achieved among the other 25 ATS vendors recognized. The FronterRunners Quadrant provides a data-driven assessment of the various ATSs available to businesses today. Vendors were scored based on capability and the …

7 Lessons Recruiters Can Learn From Great Salespeople

29 September 2016

In most companies, the sales team has the greatest impact on the bottom line. They use the right tactics to turn prospects into buyers so the company can achieve its revenue goals and be successful. Recruiting is more or less another version of sales. It’s all about connecting with the right people and convincing them …

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