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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Evolution of Recruiting

10 August 2017
The recruiting and hiring landscape has undergone a change in recent in years. The emergence of new technology has revolutionized the way recruiters hire and professionals find new career opportunities.  The infographic below outlines five key ways recruiting has evolved:

Blind Recruitment: Remove Bias From Your Hiring Process

08 August 2017
In a perfect world, people would get hired based strictly on their work experience and the skills they bring to the table. However, that’s unfortunately not the reality. The biases recruiters and hiring managers have can cause decisions to be made based on other factors unrelated to role fit.   What is blind recruitment? Blind … Continue reading “Blind Recruitment: Remove Bias From Your Hiring Process”

How do Facebook, Google and Tesla hire?

03 August 2017
Every company needs to have a team of great employees. But there are a handful of well-known brands that strive to hire the brightest minds available. Companies like Facebook, Google and Tesla have built seamless hiring processes for identifying top-tier talent among the mass of applicants they receive. If you recruit and hire for your … Continue reading “How do Facebook, Google and Tesla hire?”

How to Recruit on LinkedIn Like a Pro

27 July 2017
LinkedIn has more than 500 million users, and they’re all on the site for business purposes. While not everyone is looking for career advancement when they visit the social networking site, you’ll have better luck finding interested candidates here rather than a general audience site like Facebook. However, you’re competing with every other recruiter who … Continue reading “How to Recruit on LinkedIn Like a Pro”

What is the Human Resources (HR) role in 2017?

25 July 2017
Not long ago, human resources was the department you would meet with on your first and last day on the job. They would walk you through new hire paperwork and show you around the office when you joined and conduct your exit interview when you were leaving. Between those two milestones, you might have brief … Continue reading “What is the Human Resources (HR) role in 2017?”