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Tips for Recruiting Tech Talent in Competitive Areas

19 January 2017

There has never been a more exciting time to work in tech. Jobs that once seemed boring or best left to nerdy computer experts are now more sought after than ever before. Everyday it seems like there is a new gadget on the market or app to download and many people want to participate in …

The Importance of Hiring a Passionate Tribe for Your Startup

10 January 2017

Hiring the right team is imperative for building a strong foundation for your startup. It may seem like a no-brainer to find talent with the most experience or highest degrees but this criterion doesn’t show you they’re passionate about their work.   In fact, 88 percent of employees don’t have a passion for what they …

Does a Great Company Culture Really Attract Top Talent?

05 January 2017

For the most part, the workplace of today is not your father’s office. Many companies have replaced cubicles with open space. Fluorescent lights have been retired in favor of natural light. And offices with stocked kitchens and ping pong tables aren’t rare anymore. Companies provide these perks as part of their organizational culture. People do …

5 Hidden Mistakes That Cause Mobile Recruiting Failures

29 December 2016

Mobile recruiting is big. That’s because mobile is big. People use their mobile devices to shop, chat and even search for jobs. In fact, 54 percent of candidates ages 44-54 use their mobile device to look for jobs and 78 percent of candidates say they would apply for a job on their smartphone. Recruiting candidates …

How to Get Your Company Leaders More Involved with Team Members

16 December 2016

In some companies, team members feel isolated from leadership. Specialized employees on the bottom of the organizational chart often sit in a separate area of the office, attend different meetings and do completely different work than company leaders. There isn’t a lot of crossover that leads to a junior employee forming a bond with the …

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