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How to Use Facebook Jobs for Hiring

12 October 2017
Successful hiring starts with getting your job openings in front of the right candidates. And Facebook is where many people around the world spend a significant amount of their online time. While Facebook hasn’t traditionally been used for hiring, the site now allows US and Canadian companies to post job openings and accept applicants. The … Continue reading “How to Use Facebook Jobs for Hiring”

5 Signs Your Company Needs a New ATS

05 October 2017
A solid Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the hub for a successful hiring process. It connects with all your hiring sources so applicants automatically flow into the solution. It also allows hiring team members to easily accept interview requests and provide feedback on the candidates they meet with. However, those are only the primary features … Continue reading “5 Signs Your Company Needs a New ATS”

How to Screen Candidates Using an Online Application

29 September 2017
Filling your open roles in the fewest number of days possible ensures your business operations continue to run as usual and your recruiting team doesn’t fall behind on its long-term hiring plan. If your company gets a high volume of applicants, you likely know how tedious it can be to review them all. You have … Continue reading “How to Screen Candidates Using an Online Application”

25 Recruiting Tools and Documents Every Company Should Have

21 September 2017
Like anything in life, hiring success depends on planning and preparation. Recruiters and talent acquisition professionals have to use the right tools and resources in order to find and evaluate great candidates who can help the company achieve its goals. This article outlines 25 tools, documents and resources every recruiting team should have in their … Continue reading “25 Recruiting Tools and Documents Every Company Should Have”

Common Candidate Prospecting Mistakes to Avoid

14 September 2017
One of the biggest mistakes you can make when hiring is sitting back and waiting for candidates to come to you. You can post open roles on your company website and popular job boards but that doesn’t always mean the right person for the job will apply. If you hope to make a slam dunk … Continue reading “Common Candidate Prospecting Mistakes to Avoid”