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4 Reasons Your Job Description Could Make or Break Your Hiring Process

16 February 2017

The hiring process is one of the most important parts of owning a business. Employees are essential to completing day-to-day tasks that have long-term impact on your company.   During the hiring process, you sort through candidate applications and conduct interviews, testing, and background checks before eventually placing an offer on the table for one …

17 Workplace Upgrades That Will Boost Employee Productivity

09 February 2017

If your employees work the standard 40-hour week, each person spends almost a quarter of their time in the office. That’s not only a significant chunk of everyone’s life. The hours spent at work are always seem to be the most strenuous part of the day.   Work by its very nature is taxing but …

Introducing Talentology: Learn How to Hire Great Talent

06 February 2017

At Recruiterbox, we hear all the time how challenging hiring can be. The goal is always to hire the best people available but that’s often easier said than done.   That’s why we created Talentology – a series of online courses that teach you how to successfully hire for key positions. You’ll learn clever tips …

9 Tools You Need to Use to Better Manage Your Freelancers

02 February 2017

As more companies move to a mobile workforce, it can be a challenge for managers to adapt to the dynamics of managing a team that includes workers scattered across different time zones and geographic locations.   Luckily, as teams have become more location-independent, many companies have developed tools that make managing freelancers almost as simple …

5 Creative Ways to Assess Candidates in Job Interviews

26 January 2017

It can be easy to just go through the motions when conducting a job interview. The candidate talks about their work history. The interviewer asks about strengths and weaknesses. And the interview ends and the hiring team makes a decision. It’s too often based on information that was already known about the candidate and not …

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