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How to Set Up an HR Department (Infographic)

In Human Resources — by Recruiterbox

As your business grows, you will have the need to hire additional staff in order to get the job done each day. Once you reach this stage, your priority should be to build a human resources department that will manage employee data and needs. But how can you build an effective HR department from scratch? The process is simple. Start with these easy steps to evaluate your company’s needs and identify the right individuals to fill positions.

  • Create Jobs– This step includes determining who you need to hire, such as an HR manager.
  • Determine Responsibilities– Who will run the HR department? What is he or she charged with completing on a monthly basis?
  • Invest in Applicant Tracking– The biggest goal is to be able to easily and efficiently track job applicants throughout the applicant cycle, and to graduate from a paper to digital employee management system.
  • Develop an Employee Plan– When will you conduct performance reviews? Are benefits available to employees? What happens when an employee decides to leave or is fired?

Taking these steps into account will allow you to build a successful HR department that will support your company’s growth in the future.

How to set up HR

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