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How to Make Your Company Look Good in Your Job Advertisement

In Hiring Strategy — by Recruiterbox

Highlight your achievements

The easiest way of selling your company is highlighting your achievements. For example: “Our sales are growing at 20%, we received an award from our industry association, exclusive partner to XXX global brand in Michigan, exclusive distributor for XXX line of shoes in USA etc.”

Selling profile and attitude, not brand

You’re not Google or P&G with a globally recognizable brand. So you need to highlight the profile and attitude. Emphasizing the advantage of a small company in the language, attracts the risk takers you want. e.g., “Flexible, independent team of 40 people” or “role includes managerial duties, supervision of a team of 4-5 people”. Both communicate an organization that is willing to delegate and take risks.

Appealing to the connected guys

Your company’s recognition is not by letterhead but by a website, which is now dated. Everyone has a .com address. You need to demonstrate more connectivity within your Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter URLs in the ad. Adding the number of Likes or Followers will denote strength in numbers and give weight.

Show your current employee pool

Qualifications, experience and professionalism of your current employee pool reflects well on your company. It attracts similar qualified and experienced people and shows that you’re hiring a strong team. For example: If you’re a software company, “Team of 20 engineers with 5+ years experience, exclusive resources for R&D.”

Official certifications

Official stamps comfort potential employees and highlight your company’s achievements in the advertisement. e.g., USFDA compliance for pharmaceutical companies, membership of NASDAQ/NYSE in brokerages, ISO certifications for manufacturers, membership in industry associations, are all industry standards recognized by insiders.

Sell the culture

You could put up a case study of an existing employee, customizing it to your target industry and employee group. It could be a video in your online advertisement, letting him talk about your corporate culture for a couple of minutes. However, ensure that its not oversold, which arouses doubt.

Remember, it is not about direct selling, it needs to be subtle. You need to use language/tools that link the highlights of your company with the things that attract the employee.

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