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How to Help New Hires on their First Day

In Human Resources — by Recruiterbox

Most people always remember their first day on the new job. It doesn’t matter how many jobs you’ve worked, how many organizations you’ve been a part of, the first day jitters are inevitable. Its novel and new. So here is how you can ease those flutters for your next new hires:

Help from the Boss

If you’re the boss, make it a point to be around on the first day. If you can’t be there, move the start date. The direction from the manager is the first step of any job and the new hire needs to know the boss cares enough to be there.

Getting to know the Company and the Job

If the new hires have to be a part of the company and care about it, then they must know it well. Have a brief chat about the job description. Run them through the daily grind before they start. Talk about the company history and how it started.

Lunch is Not for Wimps

Lunch is a little break in everyone’s schedule. Make sure that the co-workers take the new employee out to lunch. Let them sit together. Getting to know the folks you work with tends to increase the comfort factor within the team.

Casual chat

Talk about the location of the water cooler, the coffee machine and the copy machine. Bringing up customers, suppliers or co-workers is premature, so sticking with the basics is recommended.

Don’t bury them on Day 1

Ensure that the new person doesn’t leave too late on the first day. Avoid it unless it is absolutely necessary.

Gain the confidence of new employees on the first day and show them you care.

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