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Hiring Outside of the Box

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We believe that one of most exciting things about business is the opportunity to sculpt a culture . Each workforce has its own identity, it is up to recruiters and hiring managers to create this identity and build it. With a large focus on hiring for attitudinal and cultural fit, new hiring practices follow. We recruit and hire differently than we did just ten years ago.

More companies are using unconventional hiring practices to find the perfect candidates. “Perfect” has taken on a whole new meaning. What we define as the perfect candidate is all relevant to the industry, culture and values of the company. Traditional hiring practices are making way to include creativity, new technologies and a changed emphasis on cultural fit.

How Puttyworld Does Hiring

Unconventional hiring practices have done wonders for Aaron Muderick’s company, Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld. With a name like that, you can be sure that Muderick marches to the beat of his own drum. Muderick’s unique hiring practices have made his company a success, and he got to build his company culture exactly how he pictured it.

Muderick had the chance to work with differently abled workers at a summer job as a high schooler. He realized very quickly that these workers were different from the others in more ways than met the eye. Muderick noticed a different attitude and dedication amongst the differently abled workers. Muderick said,

“The special-needs individuals were the ones that showed up on Monday morning with a smile.”

It was this experience that encouraged Muderick to create his own hiring practices. He now employs over 500 mentally and physically challenged workers at Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld. While this is a heart-warming tale, there would be no tale if Muderick’s hiring practices weren’t effective for business, but they are! According to an Entrepreneur article on Muderick’s hiring practices ,

“In 2002, with a staff of six workers and a supervisor, Crazy Aaron’s had a production yield of 200 units per batch. Today the yield is in the thousands, and the company’s products are available in 25 countries.”

The Dream

While Muderick is well aware that he could benefit from higher yields by outsourcing work and switching up his hiring practices , he prefers to keep his growing company as is. The impact that his hiring practices have had on his hundreds of workers is astounding. Murderick’s vision for his company has facilitated a great employer brand , a positive impact on the community and a whole lot of putty.

While we strongly believe in best hiring practices , stories like this inspire us. Yes, our technologies are aimed toward making recruiter’s lives easier, but we love the idea of helping build communities and cultures with our tech as well. Recruiting technologies don’t just make recruiting easier, they can make it better. Systems that tailor to the needs and goals of the company facilitate the ideal hiring practices of each company.

photo credit: Keoni Cabral via photopin cc

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