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It is all about People

Customer centricity is a key need of new age organization, and for the HR department, employees are customers! An HR function is supposed to effectively service the people in an organization in delivering their services effectively. One of the most commonly associate deliverable of HR function is “Employee Engagement”.

Employee Engagement

Image Source: Employee Job Satisfaction And Engagement 2014

A healthy Employee engagement is believed to result in following

1) High Retention

2) Employee commitment even in tough times

3) Direct impact on customer happiness, profitability and productivity of organization

Hire the right person

Image Courtesy: Q12 Meta Analysis Outcomes

Starting right is best possible thing

In consideration with the point before, it becomes very important for an HR function to have an effective recruitment practice

Nothing is better than hiring right people in first place, who fit into their job, organization culture, and your requirements pretty well.

A wrong hire not only wastes your time, but may create damage in organizational culture and satisfaction of other employees.

Following tips may come handy while hiring to start great in first place:

1) Always have multiple rounds in Interview &Selection process

2) Ensure basics like attitude, aptitude, confidence, etc which are much needed traits even more than skills in today’s world. Skill can be acquired

3) Use technology to make your Recruitment process efficient and effective

4) In case of doubt, do not hire.

Hiring quickly

Image Courtesy: Ready To Manage

There is nothing called immediate returns!

Every person you hire in your organization shall yield after few months, quarters depending on organization. Hence the above point becomes all the more critical for driving organizational productivity.

Typically a new hire goes through below mentioned curve towards productivity.

Cost to Value of an Employee

Image Courtesy: LinkedIn

Culture defines future

Organization, a collection of many different individual, can only grow sharper and faster if it becomes ‘One’ and an “Individual Like”. Which means the interactions of outside world with an organization (while there are many different people) always results in consistent and positive experience.

It is the Culture that integrates the organization for its people and for the outside world.

The organizational leader cannot build the culture on his own, he can just facilitate and assist people in adoption and evolution of a culture, collaboratively.

Hiring: Culture defines future

Image Courtesy: Zappos

Simple Culture Statement of

Zappos Culture

Image Courtesy: Zappos

Some people said:

  • “Culture is how organizations ‘do things’.” — Robbie Katanga
  • “Organizational culture defines a jointly shared description of an organization from within.” — Bruce Perron
  • “Culture is the organization’s immune system.” — Michael Watkins

If it’s ain’t Data, you better be lucky all the time; HR Scorecard

Almost everything in an HR Function can be measure in performance and KPIs can be drawn out. If you still do not know about HR Scorecard, time to check it out. It is a interesting visual way of presenting Achievements, productivity and measurements related to HR Function.

HR always had a vital role to play in organizational productivity, overall returns and growth. It is important to measure the contributions at every level to evaluate the health of HR Function at every stage

Hiring with luck

Image Courtesy: Cartoon day

HR Scorecard Snapshot

HR Scorecard

Image Courtesy: Jetiosa

Game On! – Playing makes people perfect – Play responsibly

Having established the importance of “Employee Engagement” the HR leaders, world over, are looking towards ‘Gamification’. While many are excited with this new concept, some even go against it and calling it “exploitation ware” – Making people work more and hard for non-tangible incentive, instead of what they really should get, CASH.

Hence the heading is well appropriate, “play responsibly”

Employee Management

Image Courtesy: Page Up People

In actuality, with right kind of approach “Gamification” can be a great way to engage, motivate and super charge your people.

What is Gamification in HR?

“It is not creating a Game; it is using Game Concept, Mechanics and build them in the process for engaging your team”

In Gamification you provide your people with a “well rewarded Opportunity to Perform” and on successful completion of that opportunity the employee goes through learning, sense of achievement, and their loyalty for the organization increases. Over time, with right Game Mechanics, people get highly motivated to perform and align with organizational objectives.

Gamification in HR

It is a profound concept, and is featured in Gartner Hype Cycle also (as above), and hence below:

Gartner report: HR

Image Courtesy: Adweek

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