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Are we talking too much?

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Growing up, some of us were taught to be humble and listen to others. Maybe speak up and add something to a conversation when we felt that it could help. But, oddly, today all we do is talk about ourselves whether there is something to share or not – on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Many will admit that it is unproductive noise that does not add value to the reader.

Whether it is online marketing or folks looking for jobs (passively or actively), we have become self-promotion machines. Of course, it could be your job to market a product or maintain a social media profile, but you can always choose to bring moderation, honesty and something “net new” to the conversation. If it is hard, just do a little less. Maybe 5 tweets are better than 10.

I am not the anti-Twitterati, but there is always a better way to share information. Here are a few thoughts:

Be New

Never reproduce other people’s blogs, words, or thoughts. Unless you have a response to something existing, just don’t write! Produce your own thoughts and put them down. Your unique thoughts are always appreciated.

Be Rigid

I know it really seems like more is more on Twitter. But fight off the urge to compete in a sea of tweets. You will share what you authentically produce and whatever captures your interest. Do not tweet to satisfy a count.

Be Social

It is social media, remember! We are throwing information at each other every day. But flip the switch, and try to imagine that you are at a large party with some acquaintances and many strangers. Would you throw your business card all over the room and run out? I know you are laughing, but don’t the tweets seem that way? Have a conversation, just like you would at the party.

Be Interesting

People will always like stories. Even if it is your job to sell the product or the company, sell the story instead. People want to hear about people, and their stories.

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