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6 Mistakes to Avoid While Conducting an Interview

In Interviews — by Recruiterbox

A lot of interviewers commit mistakes while conducting an interview. Here’s a rundown on what to avoid during the next interview you conduct:

Taking over

It is hard to know when to stop talking about your business. Keep your introduction short and sweet. You have to analyze the responses of candidates, so give them enough time. Let them do the talking. On an average, for a 20 minute interview, let him talk for at least 12-15 minutes.

Rhetorical questions about the job description

“You probably already know” or “You must be familiar with” are wrong ways to test the candidate. Ask direct questions and get the information you are seeking. Being specific and articulate will allow you to learn what they know and how they can contribute.

Probing too deep into how they spend their personal time

It isn’t wrong to assume that the way someone spends their time off can reveal a great deal about them. So asking a couple of questions about their hobbies is fine. But analyzing in detail how it’s going to help you on the job is stretching it. Maybe the candidate is a couch potato who only likes to watch television. That doesn’t mean he or she is not qualified or capable.

Stress interviewing

Commonly used technique of grad schools but definitely avoidable in a small business. It’s tough enough competing with the big brands and pay packets. Why would you want to convey an impression of potential stress to an employee? Asking rapid-fire questions, rudely interrupting him or asking for impossible solutions are techniques that should be strictly avoided.

Sparing newbies the difficult questions

If you feel a little sorry for the fresh college grad, here’s a little insight for you – the most successful CEOs in the world (Bill Gates, Larry Page, etc) are dropouts who handled worse. Do you think they got a cakewalk from their customers because they were new? It’s tougher when you’re new. So they need to be better prepared, you don’t need to go easy on them.

Falling for the well-presented candidate

You might have seen candidates that are smartly dressed and have a confident disposition. They know how to make a good impression but don’t forget to delve deep into what they have accomplished besides a well turned out suit.

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