If you are recruiting for new talent in your company, one great way to do so is by taking your recruitment ad to video. YouTube is currently the third most popular website in the world with over 800 million unique users visiting each month which makes it the perfect place to find a new audience. Here are some examples of good  recruitment videos from some well-known brands on YouTube today and the reasons why they are successful at attracting new employees to these companies.

Google Recruiting Video

While this recruitment video by Google is a little longer than you may want to go considering that the attention span of a typical video watcher is up to one minute, it definitely does the job at making Google look like a fantastic place to work.

Some great pointers to take from this video and apply to your own are as follows.

  • Include employee testimonials about why they chose to work for your company and how they enjoy it.
  • Add glimpses into the unique benefits your company has to offer.
  • Talk about exciting projects employees get to work on, especially if they are well known to the public.

Microsoft Research Recruiting Video

This recruitment video by Microsoft is geared towards PhD graduates who consider joining the Microsoft Research department. The length on this one is shorter and still gets the main points across.

Some great pointers to take from this video and apply to your own are as follows.

  • Talk about how employees at your company can make a difference in the world.
  • Show the diversity of the people who are employed at your company.
  • Define the qualities you want in people interested in joining your company.

Apple Recruiting Video

This recruitment video by Apple gives you an inside look at the people developing new ideas at Apple.

Some great pointers to take from this video and apply to your own are as follows.

  • Show people actually at work on well-known products.
  • Have employees talk about specific things they have worked on and how those projects have made a difference.
  • Include a recognizable logo.

Humana Recruiting Video

This recruitment video by Humana is definitely much better when it comes to length compared to previous videos. Most people should be able to focus for a minute and a half.

Some great pointers to take from this video and apply to your own are as follows.

  • Talk specifically about the work potential employees would be doing.
  • Include information about how people can apply to work at your company with the assumption that the video may be embedded elsewhere (like this post).
  • Share some benefits for employees applying for the specific positions in the video.

Shopify Recruiting Video

Unlike the other recruiting videos that are serious, this recruitment video by Shopify shows why you would want to work for them in a quirky yet informative way.

Some great pointers to take from this video and apply to your own are as follows.

  • Demonstrate your company culture in a fun way that will attract other employees with similar working attitudes.
  • Create a video that works whenever you are ready to hire for any department in your company.
  • Use candid interviews with employees about why they love working for your company, noting special things like not being in “cubicle hell.”

Have you seen another great example of a recruitment videos? Please share it in the comments plus what you liked / disliked about the above videos.

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