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4 Reasons to Tweet your Job Opening using Buffer

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Buffer is a Twitter app that allows you to tweet any link at a pre-determined time using a browser plug-in. You can set up favorable times in your Buffer settings, and when you press the little Buffer button on any webpage that you are on – it stores and shoots out the tweet with your message and the link at the selected times.

While you explore social media to find good candidates to join your teams, here are a few specific tips to promote your openings on Twitter using Buffer:


Tweet a particular opening on your careers page at the times which folks are bound to look at it. Depending on the job, it can be after the work day or repeatedly throughout the day at fixed intervals. You can select a bunch of times (10 slots are free on Buffer) and put one or more openings, or your main careers page link on the Tweet. Make sure the message line is not generic and resonates with the kind of folks you wish to attract.

Buffer Settings


Once your message is tweeted, you can log into Buffer and view the analytics, which will show you how many clicks did you tweet get and who retweeted it. This will give you a sense of which opening had more interest, and what tweet times are more effective than others.

Buffer Analytics


As you add followers that are relevant to the industry, job or product that you are hiring for, you should make sure they get an opportunity to view your opening on their Twitter feed. Over time, once you learn more from Buffer Analytics, you can repeat your tweets with the right message and at the right time to more folks. Also, you should include other tweets which explain the great things your company is doing and give insight into your culture. Slapping an opening on Twitter is not exciting, unless the recipient gets a better-rounded picture of your company.


Buffer allows you to send the same message from multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook. You can combine your effort and just ‘Buffer” one message to go out on all your social media accounts. This will not only ensure that you hit your collective audience on all your accounts, but also give you data (through Buffer Analytics) of which audience is reacting to the opening more. You will learn more about the composition of your followers on Twitter and Facebook, which will be helpful not just to promote jobs, but to determine how you should communicate with the different set of people.

Buffer up!

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