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2 Smart Ways to Hike Employee Productivity in Small Business

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If you don’t already have a productivity management system or guidelines in place, you need to consider implementing them. Here are two smart strategies that can help you raise the general productivity in your company.


Performance reviews should take place quarterly or more often with difficult cases or new employees. When performance is as expected or above expectations, the employees can be rewarded to encourage.

Where productivity is below target, identify the reason behind it. If the employee lacks appropriate skills, employees can be trained to improve performance.

If it is because of a health or personal issue, then managers can closely monitor the situation and provide the necessary advice and support.

When productivity is below target because of employee behaviour, then investigate to find the cause. Depending on the type of behaviour involved, issue a warning to improve performance failing to which may lead to dismissal.


Sometimes employees with desktop internet access may abuse their privileges and spend work time surfing the internet. This not only reduces their productivity and therefore the company’s profit margin, it can also demotivate surrounding colleagues. In this type of case, it’s worth considering installing an IT surveillance system such as OS Monitor.

These types of programs include features that allow users to block access to inappropriate content such as adult and gambling sites. You can also block time-consuming social networking sites. Many web browsers allow administrators to do this without additional software.

Putting surveillance systems in place can result in an enormous increase in employee productivity.

For example: A delivery company that suspects its drivers are deliberately under-performing may put in place a vehicle tracker system. Under-productive drivers may be taking undeclared breaks while their engines idle meaning that they’re relaxing on company time and using extra fuel.

These efforts also have a beneficial side effect of increased morale. When everyone understands that the company is serious about rewarding good behaviour.

Author Bio:

Daniel N is a UK blogger who writes about business, finance and start-ups. He is currently working on behalf of RAM Tracking, a leading vehicle tracking supplier.

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