Vinod Kumaar

Vinod Kumaar is an engineering manager at Recruiterbox. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Why Water Cooler Conversation is Underrated

Working in teams isn’t easy. Whenever you add a new person to the team, the dynamic will inevitably change. People who work well on their own might struggle when placed on a team – it could be that particular set of people, or maybe just the addition of other people in general. We can get…
22 March 2016

Organizational Values: The Key to Company Culture

“It’s not the fault of a flower if it does not bloom; it’s the environment which needs the fix.” I think about that quote a lot when considering company culture. A toxic culture makes it impossible for people to do their best work, and a healthy culture makes it possible for people to thrive. Above anything…
28 December 2015

Rethinking the Bell Curve

Graphs and curves are plotted to get a visualization of the data we collect. Ideally, we use these strictly for representational purposes. Too often, though, we attempt to reverse engineer and force fit people’s performance into it. Such efforts gave rise to forced ranking, a performance management practice that’s become increasingly unpopular in recent years. By…
13 October 2015

Cynefin Framework and the Culture of Feedback

The Cynefin framework is a way of looking at community dynamics that has more recently been associated with Agile software development. Take a look at the Cynefin framework and you’ll get an idea of an organization’s four domains of work. These domains are: obvious, complicated, complex and chaotic. Many startups fall largely under the complex…
22 September 2015

Onboarding Developers in 5 Easy Steps

Onboarding new hires is necessary no matter the size of your organization. It gives employees the opportunity to learn about workplace culture, process and technology in a systematic way. In addition to training, the onboarding process is also useful for establishing expectations and working with employees to set goals.   Welcome a new hire using…
06 August 2015

How to Build Workplace Culture with Retrospectives in 9 Steps

The notion of workplace culture, especially startup culture , has been a hot topic for the past few years. There’s a lot of talk about what culture is and what it isn’t. Culture is the demonstration of shared values, like collaboration and curiosity. Culture is not perks or benefits like office arcade games or unlimited…
11 August 2015