Resume Management Software

How Bob uses Resume Management Software by Recruiterbox

Bob is a senior manager at Stark Inc. He is responsible for hiring at his company, amongst other things.

Bob started by receiving resumes in email and tracking candidates on excel. But he soon realized that it was getting out of hand. So, he was looking for a simple resume management software that was not too expensive. Just recently, he discovered recruiterbox. Recruiterbox helps Bob do three things:

1. Collect resumes: Bob receives resumes from multiple sources, like job boards, Stark’s careers page, referrals and recruiters. With recruiterbox, he can collect all applications - no matter what their source - in one central place. Finally, there is one single place, where Bob and his team can look at all candidates.

2. Share feedback: Once Bob has candidates in recruiterbox, he can easily assign interviews to his team, collect feedback from them, and write to the candidate from within recruiterbox.

3. Track candidates: While Bob and his team go through interviews, he can now allot these candidates to different buckets. This helps Bob keep a handle on all hiring decisions.

With recruiterbox, Bob has found the perfect resume management software, and stopped eating his lunch on a pile of resumes.