ATS Software

Let’s take a look at how Applicant Tracking Systems can help with the recruiting process. 

Meet Bob. He is a manager at Stark Inc, and is currently responsible for hiring five new employees in his department.

For the past few weeks, he has been getting a lot of resumes in his email from the postings he made to a big job board and a few recruiters that he has informed.

Along with all the projects going on at Stark, going through every resume and forwarding the emails to his team was becoming increasingly difficult. A well-informed friend of Bob suggested that he should be using effective applicant tracking software.

He began looking for Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software to organize this madness. He wanted something easy, which he and his team didn’t have to train themselves on, and simply use it like a shared email box.

That is when he came across recruiterbox.

Recruiterbox’s ats software allowed Bob to streamline his hiring process instantly with three steps:

1. Bob was able to directly gather all applications from various sources to one place in recruiterbox. He could now track all candidates through different stages he had created on the system.
2. Bob could then move all relevant applicants to ’screening’ or ’phone screening’ stages in recruiterbox, which could be assigned to one or more of his team members. This made it easier for him to track progress on different applicants through the stages.
3. Finally, recruiterbox allowed Bob to assign interviews to specific team members, collect feedback from them and write to candidates, all from within the system.

With an ats software like recruiterbox, hiring became a simpler and more organized process for Bob and his team.