Applicant Screening

The applicant tracking system by recruiterbox helps you collect resumes, track applicants and review them together as a team in one place

Bob, a senior manager at Stark Inc, offers three tips on applicant tracking using Recruiterbox.

Like many employers, Bob receives applications from multiple sources, such as job boards, his company's careers page, recruiters and referrals. In the past, he found it frustrating to manage these applicants using email and excel, and wanted a better way to screen them. A few months ago he came across the applicant tracking software by Recruiterbox.

Bob suggests three simple steps for more effective applicant screening using recruiterbox:

  • Basic Filtering
  • Divide Responsibility
  • Detect duplicates

Lets see each of them in detail.

1. First, it is important to gather all applications from various sources to one place in the Recruiterbox applicant tracking software. Once in, these resumes were automatically converted into searchable text. Bob could do some basic filtering by searching for particular skills, for instance, "Python" or "Finance". This saved him the time of searching through each application for basic requirements.

2.Bob could then move all relevant applicants to "screening" or "phone screening" stages in recruiterbox, which could be assigned to one or more of his team members. This could further help them screen the applicants together by easily dividing the work. Bob used recruiterbox to divide responsibilities by both openings in different groups, and individual interview stages within an opening.

3.Recruiterbox also detected duplicate applicants automatically. So if an applicant was applying again or to a different role, it would show a red flag against that applicant. This saved Bob the trouble of going through the same applicant after a few weeks. With recruiterbox, applicant screening became a more structured process for Bob.